Psychoanalysis in Other Stories is a chance for us – two psychoanalytic psychotherapists called Annie Pesskin and Marina Christoforidou – to share our thoughts about the world beyond our consulting room.

Using the lens of our particular strand of psychoanalytic thinking, as developed by key British thinkers such as Melanie Klein, Wilfred Bion and Donald Winnicott among others, we will use this platform to talk to each other and to you, to post articles about life, films, books, plays and the flotsam and jetsam of life to illuminate aspects of the human condition and hope you find something interesting here to explore.

We have used the phrase ‘In Other Stories‘ because we are so often struck by how the world outside is intertwined with the world inside. We believe that the world outside cannot be fully understood without examining the world within us.

The common thread in the stories we are going to tell you here is that internal and external relationships do matter the most. Living a good life is, we believe, all about relating to each other but also about how we relate to ourselves.

About Us

Marina Christoforidou is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist trained with the British Psychotherapy Foundation (BPF) and registered with the British Psychoanalytic Council. Marina has a great interest in making psychoanalytic thinking more accessible to the public.

She has worked in a variety of NHS settings, public sectors and healthcare posts that has helped her to formulate a diverse approach to current intrapersonal and interpersonal matters whilst keeping the unconscious in mind.

She has been particularly interested exploring matters of diversity and is an active member of the BPC task group on Ethnicity and Culture. She has been an organising member of the “Between Mind and Culture: Ordinary Differences” conference held on 2016. Marina has contributed several papers to New Associations around matters of equality and training policies.

At the moment, she holds a private practice in London and also is an Associate Lecturer at the Tavistock and Portman NHS trust.

Annie Pesskin trained as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist with the British Psychotherapy Foundation and is registered with the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC). She has a private practice seeing adults and couples in Oxford 3 days a week and in London 2 days a week.

She works as a reflective practitioner for staff groups in Oxford Health NHS Forensic Services and has a longstanding interest in Neuropsychoanalysis having written and taught on the subject for the BPF, Birkbeck and Exeter University psychotherapy trainees.

She is a regular contributor to New Associations, the British Psychoanalytic Council newsletter, as well to as the British Psychotherapy Foundation Journal, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Today. She also helped edit Hanna Segal’s last book, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (2007) and recently edited psychoanalyst Jean Arundale’s latest book, Identity, Narcissism and the Other (2017).

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